Gobernanza de la calidad
en las cadenas globales agroalimentarias
Un análisis comparado de los territorios
agro-exportadores en España

Proyecto de Investigación CSO2017-85507

Quality has become a central element in the configuration of global agricultural chains, redefining the relationships, alliances and social conflicts between the different actors that make them up. In the Agriquality project we intend to analyse the role played by quality management systems to show how quality systems constitute the framework in which the different actors involved define their strategies to improve their linkage possibilities and their position within global agrifood chains.

The project analyses three of the main agro-exporting areas of Spain: the Region of Murcia, the Community of Valencia and Andalusia. In these territories, five case studies have been selected: the table grape sector in Murcia, the strawberry sector in Huelva, the orange and persimmon sectors in Valencia and the wine production in Jerez and the Utiel-Requena Denomination of Origin.